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Check out the our website by clicking here -> Stacks and our facebook page with some nice photos and videos by clicking here -> Stacks Edwards

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I am the bass player and co-composer in Stacks.  I started off playing the upright bass in this band but now I have made the transition to the electric bass.

The center of our sound in Stacks lies in the heart of Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, and Bobby Watson.  This is smoking post-bop jazz here.  We hit it hard and we lay it down solid.  Sanford Barnett is our fearless leader, pushing us to dig deep into this complex yet beautiful music.

Here is a very short clip that was taken undercover (why it’s so short) -> Stacks Hopmonk

My first couple gigs with Stacks was on the upright but I was borrowing that one from the Mill Valley Middle School.  It was only a matter of time until I had to do the right thing to give it back (haha)!!!

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Sanford Barnett – guitar
Nick Knoles – trumpet and fluglehorn
Jeff Derby – tenor sax
Michael Mark Bello – bass
Marc Carmi Smith – drums

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