Miles Ahead – Miles Davis ’70’s Tribute


Check out this track ->  Black Satin (Miles Ahead Tribute)

Miles Ahead is a brand new project I’m getting involved in.  Our focus is on the psychedelic electric period of the ’70s where freedom and improvisation were key. Material includes Bitches Brew, In A Silent Way/About That Time, Spanish Key and other rockin, funkin tunes of that era. In this band I am playing Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone with effects sometimes to sound like a Soprano or a Bass Saxophone or ring modulation or reverb and what-not, 2nd Keyboards, Percussion, and whatever I can get my hands on like 2nd Bass or 2nd Drums?

Mike Kapitan

Mike Kapitan – Band Leader/Keyboards

The band consists of:

Mike Kapitan – Leader, Keyboard, Effects

Bob Schleeter (main page) or Bob (alt site) – Guitar, Effects

Cayce Carnihan – Trumpet, Effects

Michael Bello – Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Keyboard, Percussion

Anna Pfeifer – Electric/Acoustic Bass

Marc C. Smith – Drums 


Booking for Miles Ahead:
Mike Kapitan
mike (at) mikekapitan (dot) com