Fog Dub


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I am the Bass player, MicroKorg bassist/effects, and co-composer of this this fly, live, Reggae Dub band.


Patrick Byers started this project in 2011 and it has taken flight quickly.

Check out one of my songs (click here ->) King Dubby.  I wrote this tune as a tribute to the man who is considered the father and creator of dub, King Tubby.                                                     This track was recorded live in Pt. Reyes CA.DownloadedFile-5

This next track is titled (click here ->) Piolet “Small Axe”.  The song came to me as a vision of an ice climber using an ice axe called a Piolet to climb up the icy mountainous back of a government official, so cold, so unforgiving.  The kind of focus, endurance, and strength it takes for an ice climber to complete such a feat is the kind of power it is going to take for us to conquer the huge, overpowering, and wealthy individuals who run the governments of our world.  This track was recorded live at the New Parish in Oakland CA. 3/13/13 when Fog Dub opened for and joined forces with the amazingly talented Sean Hayes.

This third track (click here ->) Because It Feels So Nice Yah, was written on a beautiful day here in CA. when I was on a hike in expansive marsh lands of China Camp and the tune was running through my head the entire hike and it really just felt so nice, yaaaahhh.       This track was recorded live in Pt. Reyes CA.

FogDub is…

Patrick Byers (Albino!El Radio Fantastique) – Baritone Saxophone, Guitar, Melodica, and Effects                                                                                                                                   Liz Larson (Afrodisia) – Trombone                                                                                  Kelsey Howard (Groundation) – Trombone                                                                      Chris Mulhauser (Afrodisia) – Guitar, effects, and psychedelia
Michael Bello (me) – Bass
James Stafford (GroundationSteve Pile Band)- Drums                                                   Robin Livingston (El Radio Fantastique, MC Yogi) – Sound Designer, Effects, Live Dubman Tony Smith (El Radio Fantastique, West Marin Sound) – Equipment master, Sound Dialer, Vibeman

7158_471804012902752_441624660_nTony Smith (left) and Robin Livingston (right) phatening up our sound to play in Bolinas!


Fog Dub’s first Album – Vessel – can be found and bought                                                   by clicking here->


Vessel was recorded from March – November of 2011, the maiden voyage of FogDub is a blast from the past; part roots reggae,part mad scientist, part Jamaican jazz, and entirely funky; this is Dub long before it crossed the pond and mutated into its trouble some nephew.  As an homage to the roots of the music, every song has two versions; the first, a live studio recording, and the latter, a dubbed out journey into the abstract.

On Vessel, the personnel is as follows….                                                                              Liz Larson – Trombone, Percussion
Jade Ismail – Trombone, Percussion
Patrick Byers – Baritone Saxophone, Melodica, Guitar, Effects, Percussion
Chris Mulhauser – Lead Guitar, Pedal board
Isaac Weiser Bass – Guitar, Percussion
Julian Fritz – Drum Kit, Percussion
Mike Scartezina – Binghi Drums, Percussion

Booking for Fog Dub:
Patrick Byers
patrickjohnbyers (at) gmail (dot) com