David Jeffrey – Jazz Fourtet

The Jazz Fourtet, an ever-evolving jazz project founded by San Francisco bay area bassist David Jeffrey, features a quartet ensemble performing mainstream modern jazz at music venues throughout the Bay Area.

All the tunes on this page can be bought on David’s website which you can find            here -> David Jeffrey’s Jazz Fourtet


The tune below is one of my favorite David Jeffrey tunes called “The Seeker”, and with the amazing accompaniment by Michael Pinkham, this tune inched it’s way toward sounding more and more like it was born with an Afrobeat groove in it’s soul.

I have been playing the Tenor Saxophone in David Jeffrey’s Jazz Fourtet since 2003 playing a wide variety of modern and classic jazz along with a slew of David’s original material.  Throughout my years with David he has allowed me to add a few of my originals and arrangements to the huge book that David pulls from.

I wrote the tune below on a rainy night in San Francisco down in the Mission District.              A few years later I used the chord progression as a breakdown and horn backround in a tune I wrote for Albino! which never got recorded called Floating Nation, which was a tribute to the floating mass of garbage off the west coast.

The next tune “Look Into My Eyes” came to me while I was walking on the beach in        San Francisco about a woman whom I loved and who loved me but couldn’t bring it upon herself to let herself go. I was so inspired to write what was in my head I hunted for a piece of paper that was being swept up in the wind along the beach and picked out a piece of     charcoal from a burnt out fire the night before and wrote down my cry before it lost it’s  way out to the universe.


This next tune is an arrangement of a well know classical piece written by Johannes Brahms called “Hungarian Dance no. 4”.  Through out my life I have been inspired by classical music but being a saxophonist there isn’t that much well know music written for the saxophone in the classical world so I took it upon myself to arrange a series of classical tunes for a jazz combo, simplifying the tempos melodies to make them sound like they are Jazz Standards.


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