If you are looking to book me or any of my bands either type the email addresses, call, or click the links (where available)

Personal Booking:
Michael Bello
michaelmbello (at) gmail (dot) com
voice: 707.486.1016

Booking for Albino!:
Adam Lowdermilk
alowderm (at) gmail (dot) com

voice: 858.692.5244

Booking for Fog Dub:
Patrick Byers
fogdubsf (at) gmail (dot) com

voice: 415.246.4115

Booking for Miles Ahead:
Mike Kapitan
mike (at) mikekapitan (dot) com

Booking for Stacks:
Stanford Barnnett
bookings (at) StacksEdwards (dot) com

Booking for David Jeffrey’s Jazz Fourtet:
David Jeffrey
dcjeffrey47 (at) selectmail (dot) net

Booking for Lisa Townsend:
Lisa Townsend
lisa (at) lisatownsend (dot) com

Booking for the SF Mime Troupe
Velina Brown
voice: 415.285.1717