Albino! Heavy Heavy Afrobeat


Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Lead Vocalist, Tenor/Baritone Saxophone, Keyboards


I have been playing with Albino since February 2004, I started out as a side man playing Baritone Saxophone.  At the time the band featured Geoffrey Omadhebo – lead vocalist and percussionist from Sonny Okosun, and Friday Jumbo – congas, backround vocals from Fela Kuti and Sonny Okosun, and the rest of the members were from bands like Spearhead, Hamsa Lila, Will Bernard & Motherbug and more!

Since the early day of Albino! I was eventually handed down the honor of leading Albino! as a frontman and composer.  More on that here->

If you want to check out some fun old memerabilia and stories click here->

“The musical style of Afrobeat is the perfect combination of Soul, Jazz, Funk, circular African rhythms, Politics, deep arrangements, and fun to get your dancing feet moving, your mind expanding and your heart to open up.  Fela Kuti was a master magician, musician, and radical political leader who used music as a weapon to fight the evil powers of the world.  I cannot pretend to hold a match to the fire that Fela created or to the torch that Femi and Seun Kuti or Antibalas holds today, but instead I pay homage to the genius by learning from his words and sounds.  From my heart and from my studies I have created my own version of Afrobeat, using it not as a weapon but as a tool to bring people together, to dance, to learn from each other, to water the seeds of intentional thought and awareness in the garden of our minds, bringing together the next crop of beautiful people so we can harvest our ideas to help shape our world.  The strive for profit has lead us to abuse our environment and the people of this world; now it’s time to shift this ideology by focusing on our positive choices and energy.” Bello

Enjoy these phat tracks from our album Peralta House – 02 2 Speak.  I wrote Speak as a call for all to speak your words, the way you can, the way you need to, but most importantly to speak out loud.  We must speak out, all of us, not just be told what to do, what laws will be passed.  Sometimes it feels like no matter what we say or how strong our voice is our government will not hear us, but if we stand together, united, long enough, thing must change.

This second half of No Face Enemy 04 4 No Face Enemy_ Act 2 is the vocal part of the tune.  I wrote No Face Enemy to call out our government and our society.  There is not one person we can blame for our troubles and all that is wrong with our government and country.

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