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Musician, Teacher, Creator, Funkologist, Jazzmoligist

I have been playing music all my life (click here read more of my story).  My focus is the Saxophone and Composition but since I’ve had time to study and explore I have taken on many instruments through the years.  During all my years in school I have received prestigious awards and scholarships for my dedication, hard work, and my artistic exploration and expression.  I have been teaching since 2003 both privately and in schools throughout the bay area, find out more by clicking (here) if your interested in taking private lessons!  I have played many types and styles of music from traditional settings to new frontiers.

In the menu (under the picture) and by clicking various links (text highlighted in blue) you can check out what I’m up to, various bands I play in, how to get in touch if your looking to book me, stories about my projects and life, some pointers and tips involving theory and composition, and an email list you can sign into so you can be notified when I will be playing with one of my bands.

So hang out, explore, and if your looking for something specific hopefully you will find what your looking for.

A quick run down with links:                                                                                             Click on the blue lessons for -> Lessons                                                                     Booking me personally or in one of my bands click -> here                                                 Here is a list with clickable links to pages and websites of bands and organizations I’m involved with either regularly, seasonally, or every once in a while:                              Albino! – Heavy Heavy Bay Area Afrobeat,  Albinoband.com.                                         Sean Hayes – Rock/Folk/Funk/Reggae, seanhayesmusic.com.                                      Miles Ahead – Rock/Jazz/Fussion/Funk: MIles Davis tribute band electric ’70’s          Stacks – Solid Post-Bop Jazz: Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, Bobby Watson.                The San Francisco Mime Troupe (not this year) – Political Musical Theater, SFMT.org.     Fog Dub – Live Reggae Dub, facebook.com/fog.dub.                                          AfroMassive – Funk/Hip-Hop/Afrobeat/Electronic/, http://www.afromassive.com/           You can find my YouTube channel here ->  http://www.youtube.com/user/Superfunkybello with some videos I’ve found of my work and other fun stuff floating around out there in the binary world.


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